QUAGGA GIANTBISON SCHOMBURGK'S DEER JAPANESE OR HONSHU WOLF The Pinta island tortoise Caribbean Monk Seal Osaka Gavial tasumaniantiger Pink-headed duck Cape lion Spectacled Cormorant Diprotodon Galapagos rice rats Auckland merganser Giantmoa Japanese sea lion Great auk Pigfoo-tedbandicoot Megatherium Syrian camel Blue buck Aurochs Jamaican sunset butterfly Californian grizzliy Dodo Yangtze River dolphins Helicoprion Heath hen Japanese river otter Réunion sacred ibis Dire Wolf Sardinian pika Steller’s sea cow Passenger pigeon Glyptodon
Welcome to LOSTZOO

What would you call “recently”? Three days ago? A week? Maybe a month or a year? Maybe even 10 years? It is not common, however, to say that 100 years or even 1000 years as “recent”.

From the perspective of the entire history of the human race and the even longer history of the Earth itself,, 1000 years is most definitely “recently”. The Dodo, Passenger pigeon, Great auk. Bluebuck, Quagga, Aurochs, Japanese wolf, Steller’s sea cow... These animals all lived on the Earth until just recently, but can never be seen in the wild again.

This is the only zoo that one can meet these extinct animals. The great artists give these animals life. We open our doors in the hope that the number of animal species in our park will not increase again in the next 1000 years. Please sit back and enjoy your time at this magical zoo that we at “Doubutsu-no-kuni” have produced.

Motofumi TAI

Animal Exhibition